Engage your customers
and fans with dynamic polls
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Turn Customers into Advertisers

Your customers will become brand advocates when they create and share polls through existing social networks and messaging platforms. This peer endorsement turns shoppers and their friends into confident customers.


Hyperr can be added to any website in minutes.

to Use

Hyperr’s simple drag-and-drop interface is intuitive and easy to use across any device or browser.

Engage Directly with your Customers

Publish your own polls via the hyperr mobile app. Users can vote, share and discuss, generating even more engagement and behavioral data.


Hyperr polls function as organic product research tools, generating multi-layered analytics. You’ll gain new insights into customer preferences every time a user votes between your products.

Maximize Your
Social Reach

Hyperr polls are shareable through most major social networks and messaging platforms, allowing for multi-channel marketing effects.

Increase Your Entertainment Potential

Hyperr gamifies your products and content, creating new ways for customers to stay engaged with your brand.